About the author

In 2010, Olivia started her blog ‘What Olivia Did’ as a means of documenting her writing and photography and setting up an online portfolio for her work. To build her knowledge in fashion Olivia spent several years interning at magazines such as NME, Look, Company and Notebook, ticking off everything from organizing fashion cupboards to holding interviews with the fashion-world’s finest. She then began a freelance career, writing for The Debrief, Cosmopolitan and Glamour UK, whilst managing her blog on the side. In 2011 Olivia went on to win the Cosmopolitan Blog Award for best newcomer and in 2014 she went full time with ‘What Olivia Did’, introducing YouTube to her repertoire, with videos ranging from style, beauty and travel. Fast forward four years and she has worked with the U.K’s biggest fashion brands, such as Topshop, Stella McCartney, Kate Spade and Mulberry.

Olivia signed with Storm Management in 2016 and went on to be nominated for Best YouTuber at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards in 2017. Most recently she began a lifestyle and fashion podcast with close friend and editor, Charlotte Jacklin. The podcast is titled ‘The Fringe of It’ which charted at number one during its first week of release and continues to produce weekly episodes.

Olivia is currently writing her first book, The Insecure Girl’s Handbook, which will publish on the 6th February 2020.

The Insecure Girl's Handbook

After having endless conversations with friends around common insecurities, Liv realised women all over the world were probably having the exact same discussions – and that maybe it was time we all stopped feeling embarrassed or worried about being ‘insecure’. Insecurity can trouble everyone from time to time, but it’s especially prevalent amongst girls and women, with a recent study uncovering that 62% of girls and women feel insecure or not sure of themselves, and that 7 out of 10 believe they don’t measure up. With this in mind, Olivia started the Instagram page The Insecure Girls’ Club at the end of 2018 – a safe space for women to embrace their vulnerabilities and empower themselves through doing so.

THE INSECURE GIRL’S HANDBOOK is the accompanying book to the Instagram page: the first of its kind to deal with the issue head-on in a friendly, positive and practical approach, looking at the ways insecurity can pull us down in our work life, friendships, relationships and through affecting our self-worth, and offering tried and tested mechanisms and perspective shifts to overcome this.

This book is a celebration of those things – a nod to the solidarity we all share in our insecurities and being vulnerable – and a peppy pick me up when we really need it most. THE INSECURE GIRL’S HANDBOOK aims to be the resource we all wish we had when we were teenagers, and to be fully reflective of the conversations we still continue to have. To show that insecurities aren’t our weaknesses, but our strengths – and that by sharing them we can make the world a little bit smaller.

Pre-order your copy here: http://smarturl.it/InsecureGirlsClubHB