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Katherine Ormerod has worked as a journalist for more than a decade, starting her career as a fashion assistant at Sunday Times Style, moving to Grazia to become Senior Fashion News & Features Editor then to Glamour where she was Fashion Features Editor at Large. Katherine has written for the Financial Times, the Telegraph, Harper’s Bazaar and the Mail on Sunday.

As one of the first to recognise the changing landscape from traditional to digital media, Katherine set up her own consultancy in 2014 to accelerate fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands in editorialising their marketing messages across social platforms. A social media influencer in her own right, she has over 40,000 followers, has been featured in a broad selection of press and is a regular panellist with experience in TV and radio including Good Morning Britain, Sky News, LBC, ABC News Radio and Radio 5 Live.

In January 2017, she launched workworkwork.co, an anti-perfectionism platform where high-profile social media stars and women with aspirational careers share stories from their ‘unedited’ lives.

Photo credit: Daniela Cadore.

Why Social Media is Ruining Your Life

Why Social Media is Ruining Your Life tackles head on the bona fide pressure cooker of social comparison
 and unreachable levels of perfection that social media has created in our modern world. Because, let’s face it, social media is not only redefining what it means to be a human in the 21st century, but it is also changing what it means to be you.

In her first book, Katherine Ormerod argues that we’re all sitting on a dangerous, ticking time-bomb that will explode if we don’t begin to take action. She uncovers how our social media addictions have broken our political systems, re-wired our behavioural patterns, destroyed our confidence and shattered our attention spans. She also discloses the truth of the constructed realities behind the uploads and explains why we all have to stop coveting our neighbours posts.

In this book, she covers several key areas of modern womanhood: identity, body image, relationships, career and finances, motherhood and health and looks at exactly how social media has impacted, penetrated and fundamentally reshaped each.

Ultimately, Why Social Media is Ruining Your Life will provide you with the knowledge, tools and weaponry to combat the most consuming, addictive force humankind has ever created.

Published by Octopus Books, Why Social Media is Ruining Your Life is available to buy now.

Praise for Why Social Media is Ruining Your Life:

“This book is a call to arms from the eye of the storm” – Emma Gannon, author of The Multi-Hyphen Method

“Enter Ormerod’s vital manual, which will help you navigate social media and turn it not into a weapon, but a useful tool” – Pandora Sykes

“It will come as no surprise that social media and the inclination to compare our lives’ to others is having a malign effect on humans. But it might be slightly more alarming to discover that it’s not just bringing us down but rewiring our behavioural patterns. Read this book and then carve out some room for yourself and your brain.” – Emerald Street