About the author

Hana Walker-Brown is a multi-award-winning audio documentary maker, podcast producer and journalist based in London. Selected as one of Radio Academy’s 30 under 30 list of people who have shown exceptional skill, tenacity and talent, Hana has been recognised and awarded Internationally for her work over the last decade.

Driven by a compelling personal narrative, Hana’s work often tells the story of the underdog, the fighters and amplifies the voices of the misrepresented or silenced. A fearless and passionate advocate of multi-medium storytelling, Hana has covered an exceptional range of stories including those of shipwreck survivors, women activists duped into relationships by undercover police spies and young gang members active in East London.

Hana is a guest lecturer at Goldsmiths College, University of London and has given talks and masterclasses around the world about her work and creative processes on the themes of Establishing Intimacy, Cinematic Storytelling and The Power of Narrative in Protest and Prejudice. Hana has created work for Amazon, Audible, The BBC, Bad House Films, The Guardian, David Guttenfelder, National Geographic, The National Trust, Notion Magazine, Pottermore, Radio24syv, Slackwire Films, Square Space, The Tate, Unilever and Warner Brothers.

Hana is currently working on her first book.