About the author

Gina Martin is a political activist, writer and law changer. Over the past 18 months, Gina has been campaigning to make upskirting (the act of taking a photo up someone’s skirt without their consent) an illegal offence. In February 2019, Gina will have single-handedly changed the law, making her the only single individual to directly change the law in recent history. Gina regularly writes for publications such as Grazia, Glamour, the Telegraph, and Refinery29 and speaks at Government events, panels and workshops as well as in schools and for charities such as Girlguiding. She’s also partnered with brands such as Nike, Ebay, Puma and Lazy Oaf where she advocates using social media for good, fighting for women’s rights and sustainability. Gina was named ‘One To Watch for 2018’ by Cosmopolitan as well as one of PORTER‘s ‘Incredible Women of the Year 2018’.

Be The Change: A Toolkit For The Activist In You

Be The Change is an essential handbook for the modern activist, whether your campaign is big or small, local or global… or somewhere in between. Publishing with Sphere on 13th June, Be The Change is available to pre-order now.

Without any legal or political experience, I changed the law and made upskirting illegal in eighteen months. But this book is not about changing the law. It’s not about me. This is yours. It’s your handbook, your road map and your toolkit for pushing for change at absolutely any level. From using social media to gain support and to getting pro-bono legal support, to regaining your confidence after a perceived ‘failure’ (hint: there is no such thing), I wrote this book to make sure you believe in your voice, feel ready to put yourself out there and know how to start making things happen. Because my god, if I can do it, so can you.

If you want to challenge injustice in your school, workplace or community; if you want to lend your voice – and more – to a charitable cause close to your heart; or if you are inspired to take on a complex issue on a massive scale, Gina Martin’s practical and empowering advice will give you the tools you need to ensure your voice is heard, your actions are noticed and your demands are met.

Praise for Gina Martin:

‘Gina is a total inspiration – an example of how one person CAN change things. Her passion, way with words and ability to make people wake up and care is incredible. Gina’s energy is infectious, and she continues to prove that anything is possible’ – EMMA GANNON, Sunday Times bestselling author of The Multi-Hyphen Method

‘Gina Martin is a force of nature; a living, breathing, campaigning example of how a single individual can bring about vital change in our justice system. Through sheer force of will, she managed to correct a serious flaw in the criminal law which saw victims of serious offences failed by the system that is supposed to protect them, smashing through the barriers that had frustrated lesser campaigners. My admiration for her courage and brilliance knows no bounds’ – THE SECRET BARRISTER, Sunday Times bestselling author of The Secret Barrister: Stories of the Law and How It’s Broken