About the author

Andrea Hannemann also known as Earthy Andy is a plant-based blogger and online content creator. After suffering from a myriad of health conditions including chronic stomach pains, digestive issues and IBS, Andy quickly became frustrated that the recommendations of different diets, supplements and medications only resulted in a short term fix. Andy realised that no-one would care as much about her health as she would, so she decided to dedicate her time and focus her energies on what she was putting into her body. It was then that Andy decided to trial a plant-based diet for 30 days to see if this made any difference.

After living a plant based diet for 30 days, Andy’s skin issues cleared up, she felt more energised, and her chronic pains became a thing of the past. Andy now lives and advocates for a plant-based lifestyle, and chronicles her and her families journey online.

Andy is currently working on her first book.